Workshops and Consulting

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"Stacey, as a trainer, has a style in how she presents to her audience that not only shows her vulnerability, but creates space for the participants to be vulnerable with her. Her lived experience as a transgender woman gives her immediate credibility."

Tami Cockeram

Community Services Manager

City of HIllsboro, Oregon

Stacey's trainings utilize and weave storytelling throughout to lead a discussion on gender identity, the disparities that the transgender community and especially transgender people of color face, the importance of pronouns, what it means to be transgender, transgender terminology, and by providing a welcoming space for participants to ask their transgender questions. Stacey is happy to tailor trainings and topics that will best meet your organization's needs.  

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Some of Stacey's Trainings 

Front End Staff - Western Psychological and Counseling Services

A comprehensive half day Transgender 101 training for staff who do intake and have contact with transgender and non-binary clients. The focus of the training was on providing the staff tools to help make a more welcoming space.   


Hillsboro University 2020 - City of Hillsboro, Oregon  

An educational opportunity and training for the City of Hillsboro employees to learn about gender identity and gender expression, pronouns, the difference between gender identity and sexual orientation, and the experiences of the transgender community.  

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