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"Stacey first graced our stage on International Women's Day, March 2018. It was our first storytelling event, and also Stacey's first introduction to storytelling. She is a natural storyteller and an audience favorite because she digs deep, and is so relatable." 

Paul Iarrobino

Director, Our Bold Voices

In the tradition of all good Southern storytellers, Stacey weaves engaging stories about her journey as a transgender woman. She brings a relatable human element to the transgender journey especially for those people who have never met a transgender person. The emotional and impactful sharing of her life experiences will fill your heart as she shares the incredible blessings that come from being true to who you really are.  

Stacey is also available for keynote speaking opportunities on topics as diverse as what it means to be transgender, the experience and lessons learned from participating in the documentary, "Who's On Top? LGBTQs Climb Mt. Hood" and the spiritual nature of the transgender journey. 

Contact Stacey HERE to speak to your group or organization.

Stacey Rice - OBV 2018-03

Stacey Rice - OBV 2018-03

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International Women's Day

Mission Theater

Portland, Oregon

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